Schools like to teach foreign languages by immersion.  I just experienced creativity by immersion by spending time in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  The canoes slice almost silently through the water, motored by the soft sound of splashing paddles.  The call of the loons is unpredictable and almost haunting.  It constantly reminded me that I was on their turf, which seems like a strange phrase considering water all around.


I was called by that loon to stop and just soak it up…complexity and simplicity.  So, as I opened all of my senses to imprint the experience, I captured the smell of the pines, the sight of the clear blue water, the sound of the loons, the taste of camp food fresh from REI, the feel of the breeze on my face as well as the feel of the rocks under my feet stepping into the canoe.  There was the warmth of the campfire and the warmth of caring shared among the people.


Immersion learning happens inside with integration at mysterious levels of mastery.  After this weekend, I am looking forward to the moment when I surprise myself, and maybe others, by BEING creative in some new way.  My senses know.


Listening to the loon at night took me to that same call used in my  CD called Gentle Breeze Peace.  Hearing the call on a tiny little island led me to a grand musical score.   Hearing the loon call when I’m listening to the CD in my office takes me to the great outdoors.  It makes sense to me.

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It is quite a momentous day.  All of the creative products, which have bloomed in the Genesis garden over the past years, are gathered now in electronic format stretching toward my visions. We are a global family and I have been blessed to travel the world enough to know that people are people wherever we live.  Music, love, and creative thought have no language limitations.  Which makes me even more excited to realize that Genesis kids can travel the world just as I like to do.


So, the first big trip is under way.   It is a thrill to know that the Light of Hope Ministry for girls in Kenya will be receiving by special delivery the very first copy of the DVD, Learning About Me.  Mike Ahola just animated the original book, Wings to Fly, and a new kids book, which is packaged in this DVD...., animated characters, music, voice-overs, and artistry from the books.  On top of that, I was blessed to receive a testimonial from Brian Tracy, international speaker and author of many books.  His comment about the new book, I Like Myself Too:   "This wonderful, positive, uplifting message has changed hearts and minds all over the world."  


So, it is a momentous day when a goal line is crossed.  Of course, I know it is really the start not the finish of the race. I will be excited to hear the stories of the girls in Kenya watching the DVD over and over.   Sandy Karanja, the co-founder of the program is making the delivery and has promised to bring back stories after her visit.  There will be other stories from other kids in other places.


I have a song going through my head...The Other Side of the World.   It was composed and sung by Michael Vincent, a MN native and family friendly movie producer.  The lyrics describe how every boy and girl on the other side of the world also has hopes and dreams, pride in country, and smiling faces that respond to friendship.  


Hello World.   We are launched.  You bet I'm smiling.

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Today is the first day of school for students in MN and probably across most of the country. Everyone is set on a new path of learning for the year with goals and visions of mastery and moving on.  This attitude is real  for life long learners, not just school children.  It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.    What are you ready to learn?  Watch for your teacher!  Enjoy the journey.

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