I’ve had some new learnings about investment this week.  I usually think about investing as an external process…in people, ideas, things...for some growth benefit yet to come.  In the middle of a serious decision this week it occurred to me that investing in myself was the swing gate to opportunity for success.  My success required an investor, maybe more, and I had to be the start.  Yes, it involved money, but also time and a whole lot more.  So I pondered a while and then made a deliberate decision on my own prospectus and said --to myself-- count me in.  Of course I am playing with words but really I muse that the outcome involved clever guile not guilt.  I know it will pay off, and I’m glad I made the decision.

I had another insight this week that built in two different conversations.  In an exchange with a parent of small children I talked about the excitement of my new book, Two-Minute Strategist.  In particular I mentioned that I always wanted to write a question book not an answer book.  And in part if not in full,  I think I have done that.  There are so many right answers to many situations if you are clear to ask the right questions.  The strategy of team work in Two-Minute Strategist rests on asking the right questions.  It is a matter of knowing the template, the formula, the variables to include.  If you know that paradigm it can be applied to an infinite number of student situations. 

Realizing the power of the concept wasn’t new but the intensity of my discussion brought it directly to the forefront of my mind.  It was the next step that provided the ah ha.  I had the privilege of a tour of some creative productions that are demonstrated on a big life scale.  As I reflected on the experience I was struck by the fact that the steps involved on all levels of scale are esentially the same. Here were the questions:   How big is the idea?  How big is the belief in the value of the idea? How big is the confidence in presenting the vision to others?  How big is the courage to step into an action plan that moves the vision forward?  How big is the commitment to consistently do the next thing and the next thing required?  Big, like boldness, is a state of mind.

I can play Chop Sticks or I can play Chopin.  The same eight fingers and two thumbs get me there.  I think I like classy best!  And I understand better what is required for mastery.

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