Schools like to teach foreign languages by immersion.  I just experienced creativity by immersion by spending time in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.  The canoes slice almost silently through the water, motored by the soft sound of splashing paddles.  The call of the loons is unpredictable and almost haunting.  It constantly reminded me that I was on their turf, which seems like a strange phrase considering water all around.


I was called by that loon to stop and just soak it up…complexity and simplicity.  So, as I opened all of my senses to imprint the experience, I captured the smell of the pines, the sight of the clear blue water, the sound of the loons, the taste of camp food fresh from REI, the feel of the breeze on my face as well as the feel of the rocks under my feet stepping into the canoe.  There was the warmth of the campfire and the warmth of caring shared among the people.


Immersion learning happens inside with integration at mysterious levels of mastery.  After this weekend, I am looking forward to the moment when I surprise myself, and maybe others, by BEING creative in some new way.  My senses know.


Listening to the loon at night took me to that same call used in my  CD called Gentle Breeze Peace.  Hearing the call on a tiny little island led me to a grand musical score.   Hearing the loon call when I’m listening to the CD in my office takes me to the great outdoors.  It makes sense to me.

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11/13/2022 05:42:33 pm

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