In the last High Notes newsletter I forecast change.  When my friend Sandy asked me what I meant, I suggested that I was trading uncertainty and self-doubt for bold confidence in my areas of expertise.  I was teasing but it is true.

You usually expect to hear about music, spiritual peace, or kids from me.  I haven’t talked about it directly before now in this context, but I am highly committed to the concept and practice of investment.   The change in some ways is my explicit emphasis on process, which is my favorite focus and specialty.  How do things get done in the most effective way with the highest excellence and satisfaction?  This is the strategy that is reflected in the new book, Two-Minute Strategist, Parents and Teachers Coming Together to Unlock Kids’ Giftedness. 

 Some people think that investment is a ten letter bad word that applies only to financial risk.  Or they think it is an elite word that represents having extra money, which they may not believe describes their life.

 The word---investment---can certainly be applied to finance which I do like, but that isn’t its sole application.

In my realm, investment is a very powerful word and concept that applies to the dedication of resources to attain a desired outcome.  Something grows such as these examples:

 Investing time and affection grows a relationship.

Investing dollars for books or courses and time to read or study grows skills and knowledge.

Investing passion, energy, and talent grows good service in business.

The psychology of investment requires clarification of values.  What you focus your time, energy, thoughts, heart, and dollars upon GROWS.  The thought of using strategy about investment is very empowering.   It means to me that life isn’t just something that happens to us.  The fact of our birth is an amazing spiritual, cosmic reality.  But beyond and perhaps even within our stages of development, we shape our lives by our values, visions and investments.

 What messages are on recycle in your mind?  How are you investing your resources of time, energy, and dollars?  Because whatever we think about, care about and invest in does grow in importance and in outcome.  Is your growing pumpkin patch in line with your values and desires?

Investment as a process is a journey, an adventure.  An ordinary walk can be as basic as a stroll around the block after dinner.  But a walk become burly hiking when you add burly challenge to the location or direction.  Walking around the block is literally and psychologically miles apart from the Mt. Rainier Wonderland Trail.

 The Wonderland Trail involves investment in these things:

*physical conditioning

*maps and info about the trail

*contact with resource people about current conditions

*hiking footwear

*camping equipment

*food and supplies for the time period

*support systems like hiking partners or transportation

 nvestment is about deliberate and informed choices.

 I was curious about a store next to one of my favorite restaurants that appeared to sell shoes, so I stopped in to check it out.  Their product was not shoes, although they had a few in stock.   Their specialty was in-sole foot supports to put inside your shoes.  As the clerk described all of the benefits of her product for stability, walking and body comfort, I smiled and told her that her product was really quite similar to mine.  My choice to step into optimism and strategy every day also changes stability, mobility, and comfort with life.  I don’t really know if she “got it” but she did ask me for my favorite choice at the restaurant next door where she had never eaten.  I personally think she will enjoy the Thai food served and I think she would also find benefits to the beliefs, attitudes, and strategic tools that I step into every morning.   I will have to make a choice to invest in her foot supports even as I have to make a choice to invest in the mindset that supports my life.

 I don’t claim to know it all, but there are some areas that I am highly informed about.  In the weeks ahead, I will say more about my favorite investments and the tools I have found or developed to help me reach success and grow benefits.

 Some people look at a products page and shriek, “Oh, no, she is trying to sell me something.”  At that point they choose to put on the brakes.  That’s a choice.   I’m not a burly mountain climber but I am burly in the ways I live my life.  That’s my choice and I hope others will want to come along on some of my high level trails.  I never promise I won’t tempt! 

 That’s another change.  In my areas of expertise, I will try to be clearer about my choices and their advantages for me.  Of course, I’m always willing to engage in dialog about these subjects.  And I’ve been known to spout opinions even if it wasn’t my area of expertise but I’ll try to recognize the difference for both of our sakes.

Everyone has God gifts.   Writing is one of mine.  I don’t write through stacks of yellow notebooks just to keep me out of trouble…although it probably helps.  I am committed to catching glimpses of Universal Good and writing about it.  The products I create serve a purpose.

   Iwill tell a story to end this lengthy introduction to an ongoing discourse on life investment.


A burrow once, sent by express,

Ate his shipping tag and his label.

He sat and sat and sat in the back room

Until he almost died.

The moral of this little tale?

Don’t keep things locked up deep inside!

Say who you are and where you are going.


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